Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wrap Dress: refashioned kimono (haori)

My excuse for the long time since I have posted anything is that we have been on holiday to Japan: splitting the time between Tokyo and Kyoto. I had never been before, and I discovered an instant affinity with Tokyo and had a truly wonderful time!

With so many things in the shops and markets that are not easy to get in the UK, it was tempting to bring back loads of souvenirs. But, I was moderated by the conscience that was our luggage allowance and managed to exercise some restraint.


For the most part we brought back teas, spices, crockery and super cool stationery, but I squeezed in a little bit of clothes shopping too. The pièce de résistance was this haori (kimono style coat) from a little shop in Kyoto. It's quite a thick fabric, with a lining in most of it, which makes it nice and heavy so it hangs nicely.

I really did buy it to wear it, and although perhaps controversial, I decided that realistically meant altering the sleeves. I so wanted to be able to wear this without fear of clearing half a dinner table any time I tried to pass the salt! 

Adjusting the sleeves was the only thing that I changed - using French seams along the red lines - so just four lines of stitching were required. 

The mid length means that I can wear it as a casual jacket, or as a wrap dress, which I really like with the belt. In fact, I have been wanting one of these gold metal belts for a while, and could refrain no longer when I saw the opportunity to pair it with this!

The final bonus is that the lower sleeve sections that I cut off are just crying out to be made into a slouchy clutch bag - with the addition of a metal zip - so that's one for the to do list!

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