Monday, 1 September 2014

Shawl-y the easiest thing to make: black patterned wrap or blanket for chilly evenings

I said at the start of my last post that I had no plan to make that pink skirt until I spotted the fabric in the shop. Well that was not the only impulse buy of that trip... I also found this wonderful pattern lurking in the corner and knew that some would need to be coming home with me!

It's a heavy upholstery fabric, and I was in the mood for a really quick project, so decided to make something as simple as possible. With just a couple of hems, this is perfect as a little blanket for sitting in the garden, and as a wrap to go out in the evening. As the weather gets colder, I think it'll look really cute over my lightweight tweed jacket too.

There were two main things that made this really really easy. First, although the fabric has a very distinct front and back, the pattern and finish also look nice from the back. This meant that I didn't need to think of lining it, or doubling it up. And second, the selvedges are both neatly finished: the same as each other, with no other markings or brand names, so I decided to leave them as part of the finished shawl.

I trimmed the raw edges as straight as I could, helpfully guided by the repeat pattern, and then hemmed them. I doubled the hem - folded once, straight stitched, and then folded again and straight stitched, using a heavier than usual weight thread. This was to make the edge neat and because it frayed quite a bit. And that was that. With a thick needle and thread, and a bit more patience than I had, you could definitely do this by hand too.

Even better, fabric and thread came to less than £5.

I went back into the shop last weekend, and they have the same fabric in a really beautiful dusky pink and green flower pattern, so I am contemplating building up a little collection.

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