Friday, 22 August 2014

Pretty as a petal: pink floral embossed skirt

I had no plan to make a skirt like this, none at all. That was until I came across this pink fabric embossed with a wonderful flower pattern (and at just £4 per metre). It also coincided with me having spotted this outfit photo on Pinterest, and so a skirt it was to be!

I had this Burda 8237 pattern, which I used to get the basic skirt shape. I adjusted it in three simple ways:

1. I lengthened it by a few inches, as the pattern is for a mini skirt;

2. I moved the zip to the centre back rather than the side, which involved slightly widening the back piece (to allow for extra seam allowance) from the vertical centre of the back piece, and cutting it in half along that vertical centre line; and

3. I added a waistband, instead of the facing,
which overlapped at the back so I could add a popper to secure it.

The added bonus with this fabric is that it does not fray at all - brilliant!! As well as making all the inside seams super easy, that also meant that I didn't really need to hem the bottom. I stitched a straight stitch all around the bottom, to make it look neat and to secure the side seams, and then I trimmed with as straight a scissor cut as I could manage, a few millimetres below the stitching. I am really happy with this finish, as I think a proper hem would have been too bulky and affected the drape.

I am so pleased with the result. It's great to dress up or down, and it is particularly good for wearing to the office on a day when I am going out in the evening too. We are already starting to feel the chilly edge of the end of the summer in London, but this skirt will definitely carry through into the autumn, with the embossed flowers nodding back to the summer!

I was enjoying wearing it so much that I didn't even mind getting photo bombed by a squirrel in St James's Park!

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